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Space, deep space. On Earth would be the year 2750 but planet Earth is no longer a liveable place since at least 5 centuries ago when the remaining of humanity started to explore the Universe to find new possibilities and new chances of surviving. Universe is now populated with several kinds, the most notables:

- Humanoids: was the first breed born as a result of a mix between the first human who left Earth and the Novars, an already extinct kind. They are more evolved than humans but as slow as humans.
- Trolls: always sneaky and unreliable the troll kind is often trying to reach what they want using any kind of shortcut, they are quite fast but they have limited intelligence.
- Manimals: this kind was born hundred years before humanoids and they are a mix between terrestrial animals (they left way before humans following their better instinct) and an unknown kind. They are strong, fast and peaceful as long as you don’t step in their territory.
- Skulls: the worse of the space breeds but also the strongest. They are bad, angry, powerful and they pretend to be immortal and they are, unfortunately, the current leaders of the Universe. They visited Earth 4000 years ago by the ancient Egypt but they didn’t find it lucrative enough and they left.

The hierarchy between all these kinds is given in only one way: throughout the mighty Game of iPong. Since 2200 iPong determines who is the strongest in space and who’s going to lead the Universe. iPong is a space game who developed in time as well as the video game Pong developed on Earth in the video game era: the two competitors command a flying paddle hooked to a rail at the side of a space arena where a small comet is waiting for them: the comet bounces around the arena and the competitor needs to protect his side of the arena and, at the same time, scoring the comet at the other side where the opponent plays. The arena is full of special gas clouds and asteroids and these objects give the competitor the chance to improve his flying paddle in terms of size, speed and weapons. An iPong game can be a very cruel game and it is no surprise at all, in the end the leading role of the Universe is what iPong is played for.


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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